Paint Kitchen Cabinets: Before and After

As someone who has actually done similar projects I know the power of painted kitchen cabinets. Before/after results can be dramatic. However, I didn’t get pictures of painting my moms kitchen, but I wish I would have. It really would’ve been handy to have some of these inspiration pieces around at the time because it really does get worse before it gets better and at times it seems like a really endless project. Painting kitchen cabinets color ideas can really inspire you.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Ideas

1. These pictures of painted kitchen cabinets are some of my favorites. The before has tons of busy wood grain, and the after really shows the true beauty of the door. I might not have seen the potential cause I hate oak but I love the look of these after. The paint color is amazing because it’s still light but adds a little bit of contrast with the appliances. I would have thought the cupboards need to be replaced completely but I’m sure this was a much cheaper option. I didn’t see the potential in the before picture but I’m glad to be proved wrong. These fun cc photos are from Gardener41.

2. Gemteck1 shows us the power of white kitchen makeover ideas with these cc pictures. It can be tempting to go with really wild colors but sometimes lighter paint colors allow true vintage architecture to show through. You can repurpose cabinetry from other areas of your home and mix it in with your existing cabinets if you stick with a neutral color. It just goes to show that sometimes the color that your cabinets already are works. You just need a fresh coat of paint to really liven things up.

kitchen makeover ideaskitchen cabinet paint

3. Annie Mueller’s CC photo project really inspired me. This is a finish that you won’t find in any showroom which is the advantage to doing projects yourself. Again, this shows the potential in these projects. I would have thought that the doors were too far gone, but with just a bit of paint it’s such a cheerful space. Just goes to show that you should look at the lines of the door as well as the quality of the wood before you throw it out. Also, the island has almost the same wood tones as the before cabinets, but it really works in this room in a completely different application. It also helps that the wood grain is in a more confined area which is important for smaller rooms. However, having a little bit of wood grain in the space brings in lots of warmth.

I only wish I had taken before/after photos but hopefully that’s a project I’ll never have to do again. If I do, I’ll remember the camera next time.

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