Ideas for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

A lot of work goes into painting kitchen cabinets. Color ideas can ensure that all of your hard work will really last for several years or even decades. However, you can still find ways to make this have a designer kind of look to it.

painting kitchen cabinets color ideas

Here’s a good idea about how a little bit of paint can really transform your existing cupboars. In the before shot you may have thought that these needed to be torn out.

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More subtle inspirations are very popular for themes. Instead of a lot of decorative towels instead we are seeing bolder pops of color. This can even be an update to a country kitchen. For instance fruit themes as well as apples are very popular in these rooms. Instead, you can go with an apple green color on your cabinetry. This is going to be a pretty bold choice. You might want to stay away from white walls. Instead go for a taupe which will help to balance it out without making the color palette seem too modern. In this case it works really well if you have a lot of glass front doors because you’re not going to have as much of the stark color in your room.

Turquoise is a trendy design color but you want to use it in small doses just because it will probably go out of style or overwhelm your room. In this case, you can just paint some of the paneling on your island in this tone and it adds a country effect to the kitchen and even your old wood cabinetry will feel more contemporary in the space. If you’re having difficulty matching your wood tone on your furniture pieces such as islands just go with a painted version in a totally different design direction.

Painting kitchen cabinets ideas can also focus a lot on stenciling. Often times, if you have flat drawer fronts they can be very retro inspired. If you don’t want to go in a modern design direction then use it almost as a canvas. You want to make sure that your paint isn’t too textured in case you want to paint over it. In this case, you could try a wreath stencil for more of a country effect and it makes white cabinets have a lot of dimension to them.

When you go through all of the trouble of painting kitchen cabinets you mine as well make sure that it actually gets noticed. Magenta and pink can be difficult colors to work with but they are very unusual and it’s going to compliment any kind of white tile or ceramic materials. In fact even if you want to do a distressed style island it’s been very popular recently to just use a brighter base coat and one of these tones can really drive home this theme. Black granite is going to add an air of sophistication and you really don’t have to repeat the color pink anywhere else in your room.

Painting kitchen cabinets ideas can also include unusual neutrals. This doesn’t just have to be white. Instead, you can go for a taupe version. This adds in warmth. In fact, you can even rub a glaze around a lot of the molding architectural details on your drawers which was very popular in more retro design styles. This will almost mimic wood. However, if you want more of a contemporary color then chocolate brown is the way to go, although it can seem a little bit dark in your room so it looks better in large spaces or smaller amounts.

Interesting Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Painted cabinets ideas allow you to branch out form basic white. Just going for ivory tones is still neutral but it’s also really shabby chic. If it’s too close to your white cabinets or tile then try adding on a glaze for more contrast that’s still going to be antique looking.

Multi Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Painted kitchen cabinets colors can include more than one tone. This coudl be in a harlequin pattern in a classic black and white for a French look. However, you could also just paint one large diamond in the center of each drawer to add interest to cabients without lots of molding. Remember that neutrals can still be interesting when looking for new cabinet tones.