Kitchen Colors with Oak Cabinets

Kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets are going to allow you to instantly update pieces that might seem a little bit dingy. We are seeing a lot of painted cabinetry, lately. However, you might want to preserve the natural wood tone or you don’t want to go through all the work of this quite extensive DIY project. Instead, you can find complimentary colors that are going to really highlight the beauty of this wood color.

Paint really isn’t going to solve all of your problems in this situation. If you can somewhat live with the warm tone if it isn’t as stark then you can still make this work just by painting your walls. However, if you really hate the actual colors of the cabinets you might want to consider this theme in a gray or more of a mahogany kind of tone. You might just need to make sure that it relates to something else in your room or you may just need to get rid of it completely.

Paint colors for kitchens with oak cabinets

Really almost any wall color is going to be better than white. White is very modern and very stark. This definitely isn’t the feeling that you get from oak. If you do want a contemporary kitchen then you’re going to need to refinish your cabinets with paint. However, you can just choose more neutral tones that are warmer that will work beautifully with oak cabinets. This is perfect if you want to stay away from the country kind of look and would rather venture out into more of the Tuscan kind of design style.

Kitchen Colors with Oak Cabinets

You need to decide whether you want to tone down the oak or really show it off if you would like to tone it down. Then you need to go with a complimentary color palette which is something that you can use a lot with the color wheel. Even if you go with neutral taupes, you want to go with warm undertones on your kitchen cabinets. Oak means going with red, orange, or yellow wall colors.

However, if you’re really proud of your natural wood cabinetry then you can venture off into items that are across from it on the color wheel. This just depends on whether or not you have yellow or orange undertones to your stain. Orange and blue work well together. You’re also going to see a lot of yellow in these pieces and surprisingly enough yellow is right across from purple on the color wheel. This adds a slightly feminine element to your room, but it can be a little dramatic at times. This is going to work best if you have more subtle pickled looking cabinets.

You can also probably try to create a theme just with your color palette. This feels very rustic in nature and you can embrace this quite simply by painting your walls a sage green. Then try installing more neutral granite countertops. This adds a luxurious element to your room. It also updates your cabinetry quite easily. This is perfect if you really want granite countertops but you can’t afford new cabinetry or high end custom cabinets.

We also see these warm tones used a lot in the Spanish kind of design style and this is a very fun and lively theme for a kitchen. If you look at a lot of these backsplashes you’re going to see handpainted tiles which can be a little bit intense and expensive. However, you can intersperse them with solid colors of cobalt blue or even orange. You can even save money on your countertop by tiling it and drawing on the orange from the tiles. Even if you’re just going with plain terra-cotta versions it is going to really relate back to your cabinets.

You also might want to take this into more of an updated theme and a farmhouse kind of design style is very popular right now. However, it tends to use a light and airy kind of look with butcher block countertops. However, if you don’t want to paint your cabinetry and embrace the natural wood tone you could try staining your island or your lower cabinets in a different color such as a dramatic black or a worn blue. Slate tile works really well in these kind of spaces just because it does have so many saturated orange tones to it so it’s something that can actually hold its own against these kind of stain choices.